Wednesday, March 23, 2011


SEE. I'm not shallow. I post deep pictures about life and crap. 

Oh my God. It’s been forever. What’s new with you guys? That’s cool. So here’s what’s new with me. WHERE TO START.

Ok so I had to get a little part time job here in town which is actually pretty great because it’s forced me to scrape my fat ass off the couch and actually exercise and crap. Also, I’ve made new friends. Also, I got into the University of Glasgow’s MFA in Creative Writing program (or “programme” as they say … god they are so barbaric right?!? …). So, I mean that’s pretty great. I’m of course expecting every man to resemble Gerard Butler/James McAvoy. I’m not sure what exactly that combo would look like but I’d still date it. That means I’m not shallow. Because I don’t care about what it would look like. Yeah.

Oh and by the by, I’ve had like, at LEAST three people tell me (seriously) that I’m going to need to learn Scottish. Like, SERIOUSLY. On all three occasions I’ve tried not to laugh in their face/apologize for the miserable failure their elementary school education proved to be.

My point is I’m pumped. I actually almost just typed, “pimped” — which I also am. But that’s a different story.

Oh and I kinda met somebody. Which I was also pimped about for a while. It sorta started around November-ish I guess. It wasn’t the dude in the last post. Long story short, we became good friends (ish) and now he’s gone. I would disclose more but since I’m a lady (ish) I won’t. Nothing really ever happened. It always seemed to be on the cusp (ß funny word) of something but then it just ended. I don’t know — it was kind of weird. Guys are weird. If I ever get drunk and get the urge to blog then I’ll tell you all about it. Actually, intoxicated blogging would be kind of fun … I wonder what I would say …  hMMmMMMm. It’d be more interesting than this crap. Just kidding. This is really interesting.